Benefits to the Community

Local governments play an important role in the supply and consumption of healthy food.  People with easy access to nutritious foods are more likely to consume a healthy diet and less likely to be an unhealthy weight. Our local food environments - which include the local economy, our social situation, dietary intake and food security - contribute to our risk of chronic disease and being an unhealthy weight. That's for both adults and children.

Creating healthier local food environments improves physical and mental health, reduces local food insecurity, increases food literacy, reduces food and resource waste and reduces negative environmental impacts within the community.

The Guide can assist local governments to support their communities and encourage healthy eating and chronic disease prevention in the following ways:

  • increase the availability of, and access to nutritious foods, especially fruit and vegetables
  • reduce the availability of energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods
  • support the local food supply which also helps to:
  • build a stronger and more sustainable local economy
  • build social support networks
  • improve the food security of local residents.