Economic Environments

Improving the local food environment goes beyond just the positive impact on the individual’s health and wellbeing. Improving the local food environment can support the council’s regional and economic agenda by supporting local businesses. A healthy local economic food environment also supports equitable access to nutritious food to everyone within the community, including those who do not have adequate access to transport or are food insecure. A healthier local food environment can help build a stronger and more sustainable local economy and more social support networks, which in turn improves food security and the health of local residents.

Opportunities for action

  • Support community food and meal initiatives such as delivered meals to the elderly, day care meals, breakfast programs, and community kitchens.
  • Encourage local retail outlets that provide home food deliveries.
  • Encourage mobile food vans that offer healthy food choices at community events.
  • Review contractual arrangements, regulations and fees applicable to food service outlets, local markets and mobile food vans to explore opportunities and incentives for providing healthy food options.